Pruett, Chad

"Oh god, am I dreaming again?" - Amour

You know. When I normally see photos of half naked women on any of my feeds, I normally just glaze over them without really thinking much. Maybe here and there I will give the occasional “oh, she is very pretty”. I saw this on my twitter feed not to long ago and just kept scrolling. Then the final synapse in my brain led me to the thought that, the face I had just scanned over, looked somewhat familiar. As I slowly etched my finger backwards on the mouse scroll. My mind was blown. There is not too much to be seen here (other than the booty). But for a moment my virgin mind had been pierced by the cold edges of photography. The pervert within me had been exposed. I indeed found myself saying more than just “oh, she is very pretty”. Looking at this half naked woman on my feed, i had said to my self for the first time ever, “High school musical was my shit”.
  • 24 April 2014
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